Our story

our story

You have to chase dreams and you have to seize the opportunities in life’. Keeping this philosophy in mind, Kim Lien Nguyen has launched no fewer than seven nail studios in Amsterdam over the past fifteen years. A self-made woman who wants to make other women shine.


Kimmylien, originally from Vietnam, came to the Netherlands with her parents as a young girl. She opened her first nail studio in the capital in 2002 at the age of 21 – after training in manicure and pedicure with family in the United States. In the Kinkerstraat to be precise. It was the first step in becoming the largest nail studio in Amsterdam.

Today Universal Nails also has salons in the Linnaeusstraat in East (since 2008), in the Maasstraat in South (since 2011), and on the Tussen Meer in Osdorp (since 2013). Each nail studio has its own character, but is run with the same vision: accessible, affordable and no-nonsense.


experience in the field of manicure and pedicure.


You can go to Universal Nails for a moment for yourself and of course for perfectly polished and thoroughly groomed nails. We have extended opening hours. You can just walk in with us seven days a week, without an appointment. Or reserve a spot in advance at a day and time that suits you best. Your nails are perfectly styled, according to the latest trends. We closely follow the current beauty and fashion trends at home and abroad and are always up-to-date in terms of expertise. As a contemporary and fashion-conscious woman, manicured nails are a must. Universal Nails stands for affordable beauty. At Universal Nails, beauty is inside and out!
The benifits for choosing Universal Nails


Universal Nails is accessible and approachable, we want to make as many women and men of all ages as possible happy with our professional treatments. You can just walk in or make an appointment in advance on a day or time that suits you best.


As the largest nail studio in Amsterdam Universal Nails stands for affordable beauty. We use competitive rates and we regularly have attractive promotions for a discount on, for example, art nails or gel nails, a manicure treatment or problem nails to give a beautiful look again.

No nonsense

With us, you get what you come for: beautiful and well-groomed nails. We strive for the perfect price/quality ratio and find it important that you always feel at ease in our salons. No nonsense!